Saturday, November 11, 2006


It's a little too easy to take some things for granted.
To forget, because it was a lifetime ago.
To distance myself, because my grandparents survived.
To belittle the present if I don't agree with the reasoning.
To mock the leaders, and ignore those who die.
No matter how I disdain the man who says it,
Many have died to say that freedom
is worth it.
So I step back.
Away from politics and opinion polls.
Even away from the evil that seems to make war neccesary.
I will think of young men and women.
Mothers and fathers and children.
Who've lost a piece of forever.
Who've lost love.
I'll think a moment, say a prayer.
And remember.


Mel said...

Beautiful, Heather. Thanks for sharing :)

Amanda W said...

Aww Heather. That's an amazing poem. Thanks for letting us all read it. Guess what!!! Christmas is coming. Time for Christmas Carols. Isn't that exciting? lol as you can tell I dont have much to say. I just wanted to say that your poem is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you are extremely good with words!!!1 Love you lots.... Life... its worth living for!