Sunday, November 12, 2006

Freedom (a la Braveheart?)

In my waxing poetic yesterday, I talked a bit about the cost of freedom. This weighs on my mind still today.
This morning at church, we took part in The International Day of Prayer for the Persucted Church. It's almost untenable to think that there are places in the world where there isn't religious freedom. It's hard to believe that in some countries, telling someone what you believe could land you in jail. Even if you don't agree with Christianity, I hope that you believe in freedom. (Oh dear - I sound like W. Shoot me now.)
Really though, I believe that any religion should be able to practice - non-violently - without fear of repriesal. But in some of what the church calls "Limited Access Nations" a Christian could be taken from their family and tortured. It's not legal, in some places, to own a Bible. Granted, we have banned books in North America, but I doubt it's under pain of death. Even here, it's wrong. Parents can decide what's appropriate for their children - no one should decide what's right for me. I've chosen to live my life in a way that agrees with the Bible and Christian principles, but no one should be allowed to force that on me - nor should I be allowed to force it on anyone else. I am thankful for the right to talk about it - and I'm thankful for the right someone else has to not listen.
I'm thankful for freedom.

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Beth said...

Amen, sister.