Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Under the Wire

Well, it looks like I'm just barely making it under the wire tonight! Silly old wookies, looking to attack me and my slow-to-post self.
Today was a pretty good day. After all, most days are that start with a compliment. The first person I saw today, other than those who served my beverage, was one of our sound engineers from church. He's always been a bit, um, growly? And he totally doesn't mean to, but he scares me just a wee little bit. ;-) Anyhow, I ran into him at Booster Juice, and he said, "Hey Heather. You're looking good." And then I walked away on a wee bitty cloud for the rest of the day!
Next up was a meeting with Mike, where I got talk about some of the stuff that's been bugging me lately and get a well-valued honest and mature opinion. (So, Mike, if you're reading this...um, hi?) I also got to talk about this coming Saturday and the recording and a few of my concerns about that. Oh, and I have some news about that which totally makes me happy...but I think I'll tell you that tomorrow - so I don't have to struggle to come up with an entry topic heh.
So, after the meeting with Mike, I ran into Pam at the church, which was wonderful, and the two of us had dinner together. She went off to join her husband for date night (who gave her just a wee bit of heck for having dinner with me on date night!) and I headed down to the North Shore, again. I thought I might hang out at the church, until Robyn was done play practice, but instead I decided to give the lovely Emily call, and went over to visit with her, and her cool little sister. We sat, we talked, we...conquered? Good times.
Back to the church for 9 (I maybe kinda live there a little?) and picked up Robyn to go see The Prestige. Hooray for "Foonie Tuesdays" - when movies are just four bucks! Now, I won't get into any sort of review, since I just did that the other day, but I will say that I quite enjoyed it. And that as always, Hugh Jackman is yummy. I'm always impressed by a guy who can both sing on Broadway and play Wolverine.
And finally, in other news: I look like I've been in a fight. Not my face, thank goodness ;-) I look like I've been in a fight and won. That's not what happened, of course, and to anyone who knows me, this comes as absolutely no surprise: I walked into a drawer. Yeah, smooth like butta.
On that note - since I'm tired enough that I'm walking into inanimate objects, I think I'll head to bed.

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