Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wishes and Horses

This is a little on the late side, since it's only eleven days til my birthday, but it's a nice cop-out post for NaBloPoMo :-D
So, my wishlist for my birthday and Christmas...

-Smallville Seasons 1-5 on DVD
-A bluetooth headset (like this)
-A new purse (medium sized)
-fuzzy slippers
-a violin and lessons
-a million dollars (what? it's worth a shot!)
-a pasta maker (kinda like this)
-some pretty (but inexpensive, cuz I lose them) earrings
-Gardener's Hand Lotion (from La Dolce Vita)...because it smells like sunshine
-time with my family, and lots of hugs
-hot apple cider and eggnogg
-the turkey dinner we haven't had for thanksgiving yet :-P

If I think of anything else, I'll let ya know, but that's what I've got in my head.
I hope you all have everything you need this Christmas. I'm kind of excited to start my shopping - I love giving presents. So let's have some fun, eh? :-)

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