Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Grammar Nazi

Last night I was reading through the "literature," getting ready to register for the BreakForth conference. I've gone for a few years now, and it's always an experience - usually a good one! There's classes in songwriting, leadership, vocal technique as well as all the ones I don't take, like men's ministry, children's, drama, and a bunch of other things that are currently slipping my mind, because they don't really interest me (shh, don't tell.)
What I noticed, though, was the ridiculous number of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors within the flyer. It's a huge conference - nearly 7000 attendees last year. I wonder, with that many people, and that much money flowing through (though I know it's not as expensive as it could be,) how they managed not to hire a competent editor. There's really no excuse for using an apostrophe to express plurality!
Now, I know that I've made errors in my writing, and of course on my blog. But since I'm blogging for fun, and since I don't have thousands of people reading, I don't feel it's as important. Of course, I'd never purposely be lazy with my grammar, but when you're blogging at 2am, sometimes the little things slip. But trust me - I still know the difference between their, there and they're. Because, really, bad grammar makes me [sic].


Jenny said...

"Bad grammer makes me [sic]."

I love it!

RobynRenee said...

I'm excited that I'm going this year! Between seeing Ken Davis, Panic Squad, the Newsboys, and numerous other people...eeek I Can't wait! So glad you reminded me about it!
There you go Heather..I commented! Are you happy now? ;)

Chantaloupe? said...

Hahaha amen probably. I read in one of my textbooks today-the guy said "longish" hahaa. I know it's not really classified as bad grammar as much as it is just bad English but this just reminded me of that. Man you guys have fun at Breakforth, wish I could experience that-maybe someday.

Heather said...

Jenny - I found it somewhere on the internet. It comes on a little button. I want it!
Yes Robyn, I am very happy that you commented! And I'm very happy that you're coming! The single girls room is gonna be so much fun! (Well, we'll be exhausted...but still!)
Chantal - come this year...I bet we could make room for you ;-)