Saturday, January 13, 2007

Date Night

I got a phone call around 6pm last night, from Robyn.
"Hi. I was wondering if you had any plans tonight, and if you didn't - could I take you on a date?"
Well, I giggled a bit, but of course, I accepted. We went for Italian downtown, to a restaurant where neither of us had been before. The portions were enormous - I couldn't finish mine and Robyn looked like she'd barely made a dent in hers. I had to laugh when she said, "I usually get when I get shrimp, they just seem so small!" Shrimp, small? Who'da thunk.
We shared a piece of tiramisu for dessert, which I'd been craving since explaining to Andrew what it was a few days ago. It was magically delicious; I really have to learn how to make that!
After dinner we headed up to the University for their production of Arthur Miller's "After The Fall." The setting is the mind and memories of the main character, Quentin, and it explores him relationships with the women in his life (his mother, his first two wives, and a German woman he meets overseas.) Though Robyn and I agreed that it was a good play, and well done, neither of us particularly enjoyed it. Still, I'm glad we went - I'd never seen an Arthur Miller play, and given that he's one of the only playwrights I've ever heard of, it seemed I should see something of his.
After the play, we went over to Robyn's and talked for a few hours about everything and nothing, and we showed off adorable babies that we'd never met - ie., well, I read so and so's blog (Chris and Beth, Zoot, Amalah, RSM...) and look how cute their child is! We figured out we're living vicariously through our blogfriends and getting our baby fix that way, since neither of us is "family planning" anytime soon!
Any good date ends with talking til 1:30am, right? Especially when it involves talking over chai tea. Of course, since we were playing with Zach, my sweater is now covered in cat hair and I'm sneezing something fierce this morning!
It was a good night, though. I enjoyed it, and being "taken out" for dinner and a show made me feel all special and warm/fuzzy-like. I had fun - thanks babe. :-)


Chantaloupe? said...

Heey. I have a song of yours stuck in my head-don't know which one or what the words are but I just thought I'd let you know :) I can hear you, your light silvery voice fluttering over the notes. Mmm so pretty. Anyway though! I'm glad you had a wonderful date night-those are soo fun. I'm craving Tiramisu now as well! And chai!! Oh oh I just remembered-it's the battle is already won-one :) Yummm.

RobynRenee said...

I agree it was a lot of fun Heather :) We will have to do it again sometime. There is only one more play before Director's Fest, and then everyone has to come see it 'cause I'll be in it :)
And it wasn't just chai was chai tea tim tam slams!