Saturday, January 27, 2007

Panic at the Church

Well! I just got back from Panic Squad - an improv comedy group. Robyn and I went early to help Teri with "presenter care" - which basically meant hanging out with the guys, and getting them water. Gotta say, it wasn't too much of a hardship hanging out with professional comedians who have a focus on keeping it clean and kind. I have hardly laughed so hard in my life - especially when I suggested "mud bogging" as an activity for use in one of the theatre games.
Last night was a great concert too - Casting Crowns - but I didn't get any decent pictures since the security guard also kinda served as photo nazi. The "performance" was amazing, though - and I use that word with hesitance because they were great at getting the whole audience involved: with the interaction and the lyrics on the screen, we were all the performers and the audience was elsewhere entirely. One of the moments that made me laugh was when the lead singer spoke about how God kept him humble with his dyslexia and ADD. He explained the ADD as singing one of the band's songs while people were passing a beach ball in the front of the crowd...and he sang "Who am I....there's a beach ball floating by..." It was quite funny. All in all, they were very cool, honest people.
And now, once again - off to bed - another big day tomorrow.

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