Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well, the New Years photos are up on Flickr, though most of the ones on there weren't taken by me, but by Carmen, or Anna on Carmen's camera.
Tomorrow's the "first day of school," so I should likely head 'er - even though I've only got one class, it's a busy day with all sorts of other stuff. So I'll leave with with my week's most amusing moment...
Talking to Andrew the other night, explaining how I felt a bit left out that a friend had yet to give me an invitation to the reception or a wedding photo (the friends eloped and will have a reception in a few months...)
Me: He forgot me!
Andrew: I wouldn't forget. I could never forget you.
Me: Aw, you're so sweet. How'd you get so sweet?
Andrew: I paid a leprechaun.
How he comes up with these, I do not know. But he's sure fun to hang around with :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hehe, that's pretty funny, I'll have to remember that one.