Friday, November 20, 2009

Adventure, Day One

Well, the driving was worst between Merritt and Kamloops, actually, in my humble opinion, though that may just have been me getting used to winter highway driving. Because I couldn't sleep, I ended up leaving home around 4am, arriving in Langely around 8:30, so I hung out around a local Starbucks until it was time to meet the lovely Karen at 10.I had brunch with Karen today...It was wonderful to see her - my only complaint was that she wasn't able to bring the girls because they had to be in daycare! We'll have to set up a full family date soon!
After brunch I headed over to Robyn's, where we dashed into downtown to take some pictures - more of those to come - and there was a great deal of geeking out over our cameras.
In ReviewThen, we headed over to the theater to pick up our tickets for New Moon tomorrow night, browsed around Lush until we had scent-induced headaches, and then went off in search of dinner. We both really wanted to hit up the Olive Garden, and while we knew there was one in Langley, Robyn was sure she had seen one closer to home. After a rather convoluted drive and several changes of directions, not to mention rush hour and crazy city drivers, along with heavy rain, enormous puddles, and oh yes, a thunderstorm - we arrived only to find that it was... a Bread Garden instead.
The hunger and sleep-induced hysteria definitely set in then, because I don't know the last time that I giggled that hard. So, we gave up our quest for mass-produced Italian food, and instead headed for a local place closer to home - and it was delicious! The portions were absolutely huge, which had us excited - the leftovers are in the fridge awaiting our pleasure at lunch tomorrow!
More adventures to come, I am sure! For now - I am thankful I arrived here safely in spite of dodgy roads, and I am very thankful for my dear cousin, Miss Bobyn.

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Tirzah said...

I'm glad you're having a good time, I look forward to seeing more pictures (when I don't have a stupid headache!) and talking to you more about your adventures.

Until then, goodnight! xoxo