Monday, November 09, 2009


After missing posting yesterday, I've decided that each week I'll be taking a Sabbath rest from NaBloPoMo, to keep myself from going completely nutso ;) Yes, I am making that decision retroactively. What's it to ya? heh.
As you can see in the picture, I'm quite enjoying a lovely cup of tea (with puffy eyes and bed head! and nostrils!), courtesy of my dear littlest sister. She works in a tea shop and gives little bags of tea once in a while, and it's a very nice treat. This morning it's a classic cream Earl Grey. Delicious!
Yesterday at church I got to see my other little sister, who's up visiting friends, and got a much-needed sister hug. There's nothing like it!!
This coming week is likely to be a bit of a gong show, with school demands and praying desperately that the album will arrive in time for the release celebration on Sunday, rehearsing and trying to do something in the vein of decor and ambiance and arranging for there to be some munchies for people (I'd at first thought I'd do all the baking myself, but quickly realized that's just a bit crazy, with everything else I have on my plate!)
Seeing Bev this Sunday helped remind me of the things that are really important though. I'll have a good chunk of my family around, and friends and others who care about me to help celebrate this milestone. And it's gonna be good!
I am blessed and thankful for the opportunity - and the command! - God has given us to take a Sabbath, to rest and regain perspective.


Anonymous said...

I love tea :)

bunny x

Terry said...

As I make a cup myself. mmmmmmm

Glad to see you found a little niche of normalness in the everyday. Hugs

Tirzah said...

I'm glad you are asking for help with the snack prep...there's no reason you should stress yourself out any more than you already are.