Thursday, November 12, 2009


I watched a cheesy girl movie tonight, and it made me cry, and wish I had more or just closer girlfriends. I've missed Emily since the beginning of the school year, as her program is super-demanding, and Tiffany's gone to Australia for more than a month - lucky girl! Sometimes I just don't invest what I should into my friends, or I try to be friends with the wrong people and it doesn't work.
Then, I have some good friends who are just too far away. I have my Tizzy, of course, but we're a little strange in that we've only actually met twice!! Going to visit her involves a passport and at least several days. Thankfully Belinda has moved a bit closer - only two hours away instead of more than twelve Bel and Me but it's still a bit much to drive especially as we're heading into winter (and neither of us really has the money for the jaunt).
And sometimes? I just hide, like I've been doing lately. Silly, silly girl. But tomorrow, my mum and my sister will be here, and they trump girlfriends any day. And I am very thankful for them.


Tirzah said...

I know that things for us would be so much different if we lived closer together. At least you had a stinkin passport and CAN come see me. lol I know it's not fair to you and it sucks, but I love you and I miss you and maybe someday we'll be closer and we can get all crafty and goofy and document it with lots of pictures. :)

YAY for mom and sis coming to see you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I worry that I don't have enough friends. But the friends that I do have are good friends and I always have my family as well.