Monday, November 02, 2009

No, Really

  • So it occurred to me tonight, as I threw a handy sweater over my cold toes, that socks are like, sweaters for your feet. Foot sweaters! And how awesome is that?
  • (No, I am not under the influence of any mind-altering substances. Other than the usual ones prescribed by my doctor, that is.)

  • Search and rescue dogs are really amazing. Whoever first thought of training them to do that is genius. I hope they got some sort of award.

  • I've been told that I'm incredibly random. I thought I'd use some bullet points to underscore that fact. They just suit the direction of my head.

  • One of the reasons I wanted to pick up on blogging again was to stretch my writing "muscles"...but bullet points don't help with that much. Oops.

  • Today, I'm thankful ... that my cat is so cute. Silly, I know, but she makes me smile, and I have actually said (out loud) in the last 24 hours, "Kitten, I am so glad you came to live with me."

1 comment:

Tirzah said...

Under that last bullet point, it was supposed to say "and I'm also thankful for my non Canadian living BFF, Tirzah. She is awesome and completely insane and I lurves her to death."

Neener neener. =P