Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Asneeze, father of Achou

I think I have the most ridiculous sneezes known to mankind. With every semester, every new class, every new person I meet, this leads into endless merriment on their part. I've had one person compare me to his sister's cat, others have said I sound like a mouse.
Others still have suggested that instead of the 3-10 little sneezes I just "let it out" with one big one. If only! Even first thing in the morning, sometimes I have great big sneezes, but they're still appearing in multiples. I think the record is something like 25. It left me more than a little dizzy.
On the plus side, it garners me a whole lot of "Bless you!"s! Some people feel the need to bless me after each individual sneeze. My friend Hyun (whom I got to hang out with tonight for the first time in eons, he and Russell, for practice for the concert, which was fun!) tends to count on his fingers while laughing at me.
I sneezed in class yesterday, several "sets", enough to have me wondering if there was something in the air! I was sitting in the back row (I often do, so my laptop doesn't distract others) and of course every head turned around to look at me. Apparently, my sneezes are a spectator sport. Oh well, glad I could amuse, I guess!
Today, I shall be grateful for the silly movie that gave me the title for this entry. 10 points to the person who first guesses what it is! I need to watch it again soon :)

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Dawn said...

Robinhood Men in Tights! Love that movie!