Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I spent a bit of time at the church today practicing for the upcoming concert. Mike (music pastor) gave me a quick tutorial on the keyboard I'll be using, and I scrolled through sounds deciding which would work for my songs and whatnot. There was one called "Meet Thy Doom" which I wanted to use simple on principle of its awesome name, but it didn't quite suit my style ;)
After more than an hour of plugging away at the keyboard with the headphones on, I moved over to the piano, and it just felt so much more...right. Don't get me wrong, it's a great keyboard - donated to the church by a member who upgraded to an even better one haha - weighted and well-made and the sounds are good...but it's just not the same!! For me, to sit down behind a real piano (especially the beautiful grand at the church) feels a little like coming home. Also, as I mentioned to Mike: it's a whole lot easier to hide behind a piano. ;)
I'm thankful today that I got a chance to play, and to remember how much I love it!


Tirzah said...

If you'd learned on a keyboard you'd feel more comfortable there...then again you already know that. The piano is so...you. =)

Anonymous said...

I learned both piano and keyboards at school and I always prefered the piano.

Anonymous said...

I was forced into piano lessons as a kid...so I hated it.

Though now wish I paid more attention.