Monday, November 16, 2009

My eyes will turn square any day now, according to the mother-lore of my childhood...

Lately, against what is probably wise time management, there are a few TV show's I've got into this season. Up until this year, I only ever watched Heroes. Lately, it's been pretty confusing, but a few things are coming together and starting to make sense in tonight's episode.
It continues to be my Monday night staple, but I've also got into Lie to Me. How could I resist a show based so heavily on psychological principles? I missed it tonight though, so don't go tellin' me what happened! Thankfully, as with Heroes, if I miss it, I can catch up on
One of the reasons I'd previously avoided "getting into" any shows was the impetus to be home on that night, at that time. Having so many of them available online frees it up. I've been watching The Daily Show online for quite a while now, due to a lack of anything more than basic cable, and a love for Jon Stewart's witty and sarcastic analysis of current events.
Then, of course, there's the new musical/comedy craziness that is Glee! The show and its soundtrack are an awful lot of fun, and I've commented on that before! That one gets catch-up online too.
Finally, there are my Thursday night shows: Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. The last few weeks, my Thursday night class has been let out early so I can watch them "live" but most weeks I have to get Grey's from My baby sister's the one who got me into Grey's, so I guess I'll blame her for that particular addiction haha!
So, all that adds up to about 8 hours per week. I guess it could be worse! As long as I can put it off with the online versions until my homework's done, and all that (yes, Mum :P ) I think it's not unmanageable.
So today, silly as it is, I'm thankful for being able to watch shows online - making my entertainment time work around my life, and not the other way around!
What about you? Do you have any shows you get into, or any that are particularly addictive? Alternatively, are there any shows that you just don't get, or actively annoy you? (I've never been able to get into Reality TV - especially Survivor!) Do share!

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Tirzah said...

Well you already know the shows that I watch...and I not only look forward to watching the shows, but I feel incomplete if I don't watch them with you! :) It's become a routine, one that I think should stick around for a good long while!