Sunday, November 15, 2009

Okay, so maybe "Sabbath" was yesterday?

Well, the concert went well! We had a relatively small turnout (Dad said he counted 38) but everyone who was there was great, and super encouraging. I think we played pretty well, and it wasn't too stressful at all (though I missed posting yesterday because of prep as well as hanging out with Mum - there's always so much more a) hockey and b) tea when I'm around her haha!) So I guess this week my Sabbath will be on a more traditional Jewish day!
We sold a few copies of the CD tonight, and hopefully it will be arriving any day now! I'm sure I'll have a little adventure driving around delivering them all over town. I'm hoping and praying they arrive here without any incident, and no trouble with customs and the like (the manufacturer had a Richmond factory, but it closed down about two days after I sent my CDs in, so they had to forward them on to California and that's where they're coming from now.)
It's been really nice to have Mum in town to help out with all this - I called her "my lovely assistant" at the concert tonight - and she's been great, making coffee and tea, plating snacks (a couple ladies from the church brought some, and I baked banana bread and brownies last night as well) and taking orders (and money!) for the CDs. It was also a lot of fun to go out to the hockey game at the pub with her, her friend Lee and my "cousin" Joel! The hockey game was all the more fun, of course, because we (aka the Canucks haha) kicked butt - 8 to 2 - much more fun than the local WHL team's painful 7-2 loss!!
Finally, another highlight of my weekend: Tizzy sent me flowers!!!
SomeTizzy loves me!! :D
Aren't they pretty? Love 'em! (and her!!)
Well, y'all, sorry for all the parentheses, I know they're enough to make any grammarian cringe - but it's super late, and I'm exhausted!
Today, I am thankful for so many things, but namely this: the friends and family who have given me such tremendous support through the whole process of bringing this album to fruition. Oh, *giggle* and my flowers! :D

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Tirzah said...

I'm so glad that the concert went well, I kept checking the clock and the one time I looked it was 7:01 and I said "Oh! Heather's starting her concert!" to my mom and she asked me if you were having it at the church and I said yes and then I sat there and wondered if I had a million offlines from you on Yahoo...and I felt bad for a second and then I thought to myself..."Her mom's there, she'll be fine!" :) I love you, I miss you, I'm glad you like your flowers. You deserve 'em! xoxo