Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Elementary School Rewind

As seen chez Zoot, I'm going to write an acrostic poem about myself. Because I want to pretend I'm still in grade 6, mmk?

H - Headstrong. I can easily picture a horse chafing at the bit, and I know that I'm stubborn even when it's not for the best. Sometimes it's a good quality, and sometimes it's bad - and sometimes I have trouble controlling it.
E - Emotional. It's a little ridiculous - a birthday post written from one of my blogfriends to his wife about made me cry today. It's worse when I'm tired and stressed of course, but I am just one heckuva interesting roller coaster.
A - Aspiring. To a lot of things, really - to be a helper, a healer, a good listener. A poet, a songstress and a prophet.
T - Terrified. Not permanently, but often enough. That I'll fail, or that I won't. That I'm too much, or not enough. Dual-spectrum fears, every one of them.
H - Humbled. Daily, by the sacrifices others make and the things that they live through. I wish I were a more humble person, inherently.
E - Empty. Just at the moment - a bit of end-of-semester burnout. I've got a few big papers to write in the next couple days and I'm a bit overwhelmed, and hardly overflowing in creativity.
R - Ransomed. One of my favourite words to use when writing about what God has done for me. As though I sold myself into slavery, and He bought me back. It's a precious, powerful picture, and I'd do well to remember it more often.

There you have it. Me, in an elementary poetic form. What are your favourite and least-so characteristics about me? (honestly!) And about yourself?

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