Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Surprises and Escapism

I got a phone call from my mum last night. Well, actually, I got a Facebook message, and a text message, telling me she had a surprise and was it better to text or call. (You wish your mom was as hip as mine.) Finally, after leaving me in suspense for a terrible ten minutes, she let me know that she's coming to visit me for my birthday on the 25th. :-) So that will be fun, we'll have a little adventure!
I'm due to stats class in half an hour. It's really more interesting than the last stats class I had to take, and the prof is way better at making it make sense, but still *whine* it's freakin statistics.
I don't want to go; I want to crawl back into my nice warm bed. I will go, because hey I'm up and dressed anyway :P But it's getting to that point in the semester where I am so stressed out because I have so many things to do and each and every one of them is absolutely important. So I just wish I could escape for a couple of hours. And I think I might - grab a book, and settle in for a couple hours this afternoon. Maybe even make myself a mug of hot chocolate. I think that might be just what the doctor ordered, in fact. But first - I'm off to make it through statistics. Whee!

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Tirzah said...

Hot chocolate with BAILEYS perhaps! LOL