Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just Right

There's always a great variety of friends in one's life. One of these most blessed varieties in mine is the sort with whom you can laugh over the most idiotic things. For me, this group includes my dear, dear friend Emily. I said earlier that I am very blessed to have two wonderful Emilys in my life - the other being my baby sister.
A little earlier tonight, Em called me. After a few minutes of nonsense talk, I asked her, "So what are you up to tonight anyway?" "Nothing," she replied. Then we talked nonsense for a few more minutes. I interjected again, "Uh, Em, do you want to be doing nothing tonight?"
Me: laughing. "So, would you like to get a cup of coffee?"
"Yes please!" "Dork. Why didn't you just ask me?"
"Well, I didn't know if you were doing something or not!"
We'd been on the phone for 15 minutes at this point. She's a total goof, and I adore her. We went to Earls for dessert and coffee, and a highlight of that - other than the delicious warm gingerbread cake - was that I got to see my little sister Bev, who works there. She actually got assigned to serve our table, even though she's a hostess (but server in training) which led to such fun as writing "I <3 U" on my napkin and leaving it for her when she cleared the table.
At one point in the dinner conversation, we decided to compare the stupidest things we'd ever done over boys, which lasted quite a while in a rather amusing process of oneupmanship. "I did this when I was 14." "Oh yeah? Well I..." It was hysterical, I promise you. Obviously, in accordance with the rules of girlfriendhood I cannot fully divulge the details. I can, however, share with you a couple of the other highlights of my evening.
Em: "So, what else can we dork about?" That's right, it's a verb now.
Em, again (can you tell she's the funny one?) the tune of the "ribs" song from Chili's..."I want my paperback, paperback, paperback..."
Ok, I get that these are basically only funny to the two of us, but I laughed more than I've laughed in a long time. And just in case you can't appreciate teh funny, I will also share with you a bit of the sap...
Em: "Hanging out with you was just what I needed. You make me happy."
Same goes, babe. Same goes.

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Anonymous said...

It's EM BTW. Aww... thanks! That is so awesome! I now have some written documentation of my existence! :)That was TRUELY a blessing for me! Thanks and I know we will do it again! MUWAH!