Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So I did what I've been thinking of for a while - I finally caved and bought a MacBook. Ever since my DELL died (Boo, again, just for good measure.) I've been meaning to get another laptop, but unsure if I wanted to "make do" with a budget model that I wouldn't neccesarily feel "safe" with, or to "splurge" and get the (base model) MacBook with its very reassuring AppleCare plan. (On student discount, as was the computer itself. W00t.) I decided to go for the Mac because I'm not at all into gaming, which is where I'm told it can lack, but I know it also has a great deal of potential for music editing and possibly producing (with hundreds of dollars worth of additional software, though, of course.) But it's important to me that the potential for growth and expansion is there.
Most importantly, though, it's a huge help for school. It's going to mean much, much easier note-taking in class, as I am an interminably slow writer but quite a decent typist. The keyboard and word-processing program (using NeoOffice) are fairly different, but I used them tonight in a three-hour lecture and I fared just fine. One neat thing about NeoOffice - or that will be neat once I get used to it - is that it auto-completes a lot of words, almost like a T9 function on a cel phone. Of course, the poor spell checker was going insane tonight with all of Erikson's absolutely made-up theoretical psych words. You've gotta love that about psychological theorists - if the word doesn't exist to fit their exact frame of mind, then just make up a new one! Or better yet, hijack one used by another theorist and change the meaning completely! (See: personality, ego, intelligence and any number of now-meaningless words.)
Now, between Erikson's *ahem* creative vocabulary, and a statistics quiz this morning, I've had a pretty mentally stimulating day, so I think I'd better pack it in. Rest assured, though - I won't turn into a total MacHead overnight. It ought to take a minimum of two days. :P

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Jen said...

good luck with the computer!