Sunday, November 11, 2007


There's not too much on my mind today, other than the sacrifice of great men and women throughout the ages. I'm thankful for those who've given of themselves in the past, and for those who are giving now. Even when I don't agree with why they're fighting, my first and foremost prayer is that they would make it home with body and soul intact.
I've been thinking about not just the physical sacrifices that were made, loss of life and limb, but of the many who come back from something so terrible as war with their minds understandably but tragically shattered.
I think they too often get forgotten. It's too easy to write off a "crazy old man" and never know his story - but chances are that they've survived some kind of war, whether a military battle or "just" the war of their own brain chemistry. These older, sometimes shabby, sometimes homeless men are weighing heavy on my heart.
Spare a thought, a prayer for them? And if you have the chance, a kind word or a cup of coffee. No one should be so invisible to much of the population. Instead, remember.

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kristina said...

"Instead, remember."

Yep. I think that about says it all.