Friday, November 23, 2007

Shock and Awe

I'm late again. Surprise! (That sentence sounds like I'm pregnant. I am most emphatically NOT.)
I just walked into the door after another late-night project meeting - and it wasn't even intended to be so. Meg invited me over for dinner, and I was more than happy to accept. We weren't even planning on working on our proposals anymore (group project, but individual proposals.) I thought I was done. Since she wasn't finished yet, I said I'd show her mine. Somehow, that degenerated into an all-night work group.
Oh, and major kudos and love to Meg and her boyfriend, who, because our prof wants the papers physically handed in to her at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, have agreed to take mine in for me, since I don't have class. Much, much love to them for that!
Anyhow, I'm glad that we did it, and that we know absolutely adhere to all the ridiculously (and I mean ridiculously) strict APA guidelines. But if I ever meet the sadistic so-and-so who wrote the APA style manual, I am going to enthusiastically present him with the gift of ten thousand *cough*punchesintheface*cough*. Him, and anyone else who dares attempt to wake me in the next eight hours.

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