Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Have you ever tried to dig a very tiny, but extremely well-embedded itsy bitsy piece of glass from the sole of your foot? If you have not, allow me to assure you from my now vast experience that it is in fact very painful. I tried unsuccessfully several times over the last week and had basically given up and was about to allow it permanent residence in my poor little (ha!) foot. If I didn't put my weight on my foot just so, it didn't hurt *too* badly. (Obviously, I am an idiot.)
Now, if you don't believe me as to how wee and difficult to remove it was, I offer you Exhibit A (henceforth to be known as the only exhibit, because, duh.)That little thing took me about half of forever to find! I'm just glad it was in the tough part of my foot and therefore most of the retrieval was in fact painless.
And yes, I know I'm *way* over-dramatizing this, but hey, what's NaBloPoMo and a personal blog if not an invitation to shameless hyperbole? ;)
Anyhow - all better now. I can rest easy tonight - and walk easy tomorrow, finally! Woot!

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kristina said...

Ha! It's always the tiniest things that cause the most trouble. Like how a papercut hurts more than a real cut. UGH, papercuts. Or papercuts from cardboard. The worst.

Oh, and I've been around, I swear. I'll be back. Promise. :)