Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Late Muirnait

When did I become the person who's late all the time? I remember being exceedingly punctual - and joking that I was the only musician who ever showed up on time for rehearsals. And now? It's 7:53 and I was due at a party at seven o'clock - and I haven't finished dressing. It's an absolutely non-Halloween party, because it's being held at the church. We're apparently calling it a Jr High party, and we're supposed to dress like we did in Jr High. But I already thought of a costume for Halloween and since this is the only chance I have to wear it, I'm doing it anyway. (I'm stubborn like that.)
I'm going as an iPod commercial, you see. It's one of the ideas that I found for free/cheap/easy costumes on yon internets. I dress all in black, carry an iPod, and dance wildly. I suppose it would be a rather expensive costume if you didn't already own the iPod, but I do. An old one with no colour screen or anything! I am so hard core. Besides, I don't see the point of a music player that only holds 4GB. I'll take my 20GB any day - or a 40 or 80, ideally ;) I'm all about the music, so I don't really give a rip if I can play movies on a screen too small to make it worth my while!
From being late, to ranting about iPods. I'm sure I make perfect sense. Ah well. I'd better head out to the "Jr High" party, fashionably late though I am...because there's at least one person who'll care if I don't show up :P

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