Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well...(That's a deep subject.)

Fancy that, I'm late again ;) Not all that surprising on a weekend night, though. I just got home from watching "our" boys play hockey - and this time we actually went to the right arena! So that was an accomplishment in and of itself. We weren't cheering for one team or another, since it's a rec league and we had one guy on each team, but one of our guys scored a goal! Go Ruzzle! Sadly, apparently there weren't enough guys signed up to keep the league going, so tonight was there last game. The guys were pretty bummed about that. They have to find a pond to play on, now, or something.
Anyway, I've got a big day ahead of me tomorrow, since I'm in the nursery at church in first service (9am. So early :P) and then I've got to pick up my mum at the airport, because she's coming to visit meee! Why is she coming to visit you ask? Well, I'll tell you! It's my birthday! (Technically, right now, since it's the 25th. But I don't think it really counts til I wake up in the morning. Not that it stopped me from making Em wish me a happy birthday at 12:01.)
So after lunch with Mum, I'm going to try to hit a church potluck thing in the afternoon, dinner with my little sister, and then maybe something again with friends later, if I can rope someone else into handling the details, because I'm feeling sort of lazy.
So for now, to bed, and try to warm up my poor feet from hockey rink coldness. Talk to ya'll tomorrow, when I'll be...dun dun dun! Twenty-four. (Jack Bauer thinks my birthday is hawt.)

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Caroline said...

Het there, I saw on RSM that today is your Bday :D

Happy Bday!!

Mine Bday was yesterday :)

I wish you all the best!! xoxo