Saturday, November 17, 2007

NaBloPoMo Nazis Gonna Get Me

Yes, yes, I realize I'm late. Hush. What really defines a "day" after all? ;) I only just walked in the door. I was helping out a friend tonight who was catering a fund raising dinner - supposedly for 83 people. We figure around 120 showed up, and apparently there were complaints about small portion sizes. I think getting them all through was quite an impressive feat, actually!
It's funny, I've never waitressed or served in any sort of official capacity but I've done enough of these church banquets and the like that I'm quite confident in my ability to do a good job. I was tempted, though, to smack the hand of the lady who sneaked a piece of roast beef from the carefully rationed platters when she thought my back was turned.
As a thank-you for helping out, my catering friend generously took us all out to eat afterwards. It was lovely to sit down, and nice to talk with some people I hadn't had much chance to talk with lately.
Now, though, I'm dead on my feet (or on my butt, if we're entirely accurate) and so bid you good night, or good morning, or whatever it is for you at this precise moment in time. Ciao!

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